Apostolic Authority Prayer – Key to the House of David – Isaiah 22:22

Dear God, Heavenly Father, We thank You for giving us the Key to the House of David, according to Isaiah 22:22.

We take authority and we use this key to close off, lock, shut and seal with the Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, all doors, portals, entry ways, windows, and openings, that any curse, demonic assignments, satanic activities, or lies of the enemy can come through to us or the people we pray for. Now Heavenly Father we use the Key to the House of David to open all doors, portals, entry ways, and windows of blessings over us, our children, grandchildren, friends, families, prayer partners and everyone else we pray for.

We ask you, Heavenly Father, to post angels around the openings of blessings to keep them open so that the blessings of Heaven flow to us unhindered at all times. Father God, we thank You for Your mercy, goodness and grace. We pray Your Will be done in all things.

In Jesus Mighty Name we pray, Amen.